Fantastic little earthworms

April 17, 2013

TreeGlobeI love growing my own vegetables and herbs in my tiny garden. I am always so proud of myself when I can harvest something from my garden and prepare a meal with it. I am reading Jane’s delicious garden – How to grow organic vegetables and herbs in South Africa by Jane Griffiths (Sunbird Publishers, 2009) – it is currently the bestselling gardening book in South Africa.

I have 2 earthworm farms that use for all my raw kitchen waste and the vermicompost tea (worm compost tea) produced by the worms is a great addition to my garden as well. I think the little red wrigglers are quite interesting and I always am amazed how we have very similar preferences in food (e.g. they also form large clumps around mango, avocados and pawpaws – my favourite fruits).

I thought the following information about earthworms in the above mentioned book is really interesting: Earthworms (P43)

“Earthworms are capable of eating at least their own weight in organic matter in one day. But the really amazing thing is what happens to that organic matter once the earthworm has digested it: it will contain eight times more beneficial microorganisms than before. Earthworm casts have a perfect pH balance for vegetables. They contain more nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium than ordinary soil and are also rich in humic aids, which help to condition the soil, as an added bonus, many soil-borne pathogens are killed in the worms’ intestines – so they clean the soil too.”

What amazing little creatures earthworms are!