Inflammatory arthritis

September 22, 2014

This is a lecture by Dr John McDougall about inflammatory arthritis.  He provides evidence that relates the food you eat with inflammatory arthritis (including Lupus).

See the lecture here – Dr McDougall’s lecture


Childhood obesity – Is it child abuse?

May 6, 2012

Here is a very interesting letter by Dr John McDougall about whether childhood obesity is a form of child abuse – Link.

It certainly made me think that children need to be equipped to make the right decisions – and it includes their food choices.

As mentioned in the letter:

  • All school age children must receive fundamental education on the proper diet for human beings: a starch-based diet with fruits and vegetables;
  • Students must understand that this kind of food (plant-based whole foods) will make them attractive, strong and fit;
  • The same kind of health education that tells kids that smoking cigarettes makes them smell bad and look old before their time, needs to be used to connect hamburgers and string cheese to oily skin, acne, body odour, poor performance, and obesity: Losers eat protein (meat and cheese) in exclusion of carbohydrate (corn, potatoes, and rice).

It is important that people (especially parents) start asking the right questions and act on them, even if it may be slightly daunting at first.  The information is available – we just need to start asking the right questions.   It is important that all responsible and informed adults perform their moral duty to take steps to fix the largest source of child abuse: food.

My next post will include information that will hopefully provide some information on how to make learning about healthy eating interesting for kids.