Being vegan – What motivates/drives you to do the right thing

This is a bit of a self-indulgent post.

Very often, I read about some person that has given up being vegan because the lifestyle was just too hard to maintain; or I have to grin-and-bear it when someone tells me all the reasons why it is so hard to be vegan.  I struggle to understand their reasoning, since it seems to be very easy for me to make the compassionate and conscious decision.  I was sadly not born vegan or even vegetarian, I was blissfully unaware of what I was contributing to, for a very long time before I started asking questions about what I was eating and what cruelty and misery I was contributing to.  I thought I would share what inspires and motivates me to always try to do the right thing (even when it seems to be hard).

I thought I’d break some of it down into different compartments (as I have them in my head).

To start with, here is some information about my darling furry babies.

Here are some pictures of my two furry babies.  They are Cocker Spaniels and they are litter mates.

They are very chatty ones and they often tell me when I am too slow when preparing their dinner, getting ready for walks or if I am forgetting to give them their “save-the-rainforest-snack”.   Their names are Emma and Jake, however, over the years the list of their names has expanded, based on their characteristics.  They know most of them and respond to them, which just shows you how clever they are J

Collectively, they are referred to as:

Sp-angels / Cocky Spaniels (because it is a by far more apt description than “cocker” spaniels) / the Noonoos / babies… and many, many more.

  Emma and Jake

Emma is a very clever little girl.  She is a very typical A-type over-achiever type of personality.  Even her hair is naturally always perfect…

She is also known as Emilem (her rapper-gangster-street name) / Girlie-whirl / Hunny-Bunny (or just Bunny) / Rhidwan (her “Indian” name, since she is “the red one”).

She is left-handed.  We realised this after playing many games with her and she definitely uses her left paw more, when she has to do things that requires only one paw at a time…. Like when she pokes us continuously to continue tickling her.


Jake is a bit of a blonde bimbo.  He is really handsome, so he does not need to be clever, he can just rely on his dashing good looks.  Jacob (when he is super-silly) / Boykie / Moonpie (he gets a bit silly when it is full moon), Fatsquatch (he has lost his hearing and we are battling to keep his weight down since his primary activities now consist of sleeping (about 20 hours a day), eating and going for very slow walks – he cannot hear us, so we are not hurting his feelings with such an insensitive name).  One of his favourite activities is to stare at the bark of the tree (as in the picture) to see the lizzards running up and down the tree… we think it is like watching his favourite TV channel for hours.

SR - Jake

So now for the inspiration and motivation.

I try to be the person that my dogs think I am…

Eating animals

I cannot imagine eating another animal that can possibly be as intelligent, cute and just plain wonderful as Emma and Jake.  I fortunately do not have the blurred line between animals I love (to hug and kiss) and animals I am willing to eat.  It took a long time for me to acknowledge that meat is murder.  No animal willingly goes to their death, not even the animals from the supposedly humane meat industry.  All animals (human and non-human) fear death, and understand what is happening to them.

The fact that I have also read and seen too many reports/undercover investigations about what happens at factory farms and slaughterhouses will always override any of my taste preferences, choices of convenience and discomfort for fellow diners (I always think it is a guilty conscience that makes them feel uncomfortable eating flesh when a veggie is present).  Always!

Cheese and all other dairy products

This was probably my biggest fear of becoming vegan (after being vegetarian for a couple of years) was giving up cheese.  I used to looove cheese.

I do not have children (out of choice, no need to feel sorry for me) but most of my friends have children.  I am always amazed to see how my friends change after they have had their kids.  The love they have for their babies is no different to how other mammals feel about their babies.  Just because they cannot express themselves in the same language as we understand, does not mean that they bond and emotions are not as strong.

I think about the lovely and gentle cows (and all the other gentle animals that we exploit for their milk) and the trauma that they go through when their calves are taken away from them, less than 24 hours after they have been born.

I think about those tiny little male calves that are then confined to tiny little spaces where they can hardly stand up, the fact that they are so desperate to suckle that they will even suck the fingers of the people that handle them so aggressively and cruelly when these little innocent babies are confused and scared.

Again, I would not inflict this kind of trauma in Emma or Jake.  Why would it be different for other animals?


Mulesing is a procedure performed on sheep where they slice the skin from the buttocks of lambs without anaesthetic to produce a scar free of wool to avoid some forms of infection.  This is just horrible and so unnecessary.  To ensure that I avoid contributing to it, it is very easy to avoid.  There are so many interesting alternatives available


Whenever possible, I will always go to vegetarian/vegan restaurants.  I do believe we should support the places that are making our lives easier and also exposing more people to the fantastic plant-based foods available.  I do still go to mainstream restaurants (I do not want to call them “normal” restaurants because there is nothing “normal” about making your money out of selling dead, slowly decaying flesh of animals), but if a restaurant has any of the following items on their menu, I will not support them:

Foie gras



Fish that are on the endangered list

Also, if the restaurant does not have at least a couple vegetarian dishes on their menu, I am not supporting them, no matter how accommodating they may be once I am there.  You clearly do not care about catering for vegetarians, you are just doing it to shut me up and take my money… no thank you!

Companies that test on animals

It is not just about what you eat, it is also where you spend your money.  If I buy “vegan” products from companies that test their products on animals, I am still handing over my hard earned money over to the same people that create immense misery by unnecessarily testing their products on animals.

I would not want the cruel experiments performed on my Noonies, why would I allow it to happen to any other animals?

E.g. if Nestle launch a new dairy free dark chocolate (they may have already…), I will not buy it.  They support child slavery by exploiting the very poor communities where the cacao beans are grown and harvested (some info on this).  They own L’oreal and we all know that L’oreal test their products on animals.  I’d rather not have chocolate or stick to the fantastic range of fair trade dairy-free chocolates available on the market.

No minty fresh toothpaste from the Unilever range, since innocent bunnies have been exposed to all kinds of cruelty to test the products, in case some fool gets some toothpaste in their eyes.

All the other benefits

Plant-based whole-food is delicious.  The healthier the food is that you eat, the more you crave it and want to eat this way.  It may be a slight adjustment at first, but once you have a couple of favourite dishes; it just gets easier and easier.

There is a growing body of evidence that it is the healthiest way to eat.  It helps prevent and in some cases reverse disease.  It is much kinder on the environment and it is also more affordable.

You often have the choice of selecting the restaurant when you go out with friends.  That is really great.  Who would not always want to have things done their way?  ;D

It is not always super easy…

I do sometimes miss the convenience of just walking into a shop, selecting an item off the shelf (based on price/packaging) and just buying it, without reading the ingredient list, determining who produced it, scanning it into the Buycott app, etc.

I do sometimes just have a cup of tea when I go out with my friends because there is nothing acceptable to eat at the restaurant and you do not know whether the wine is vegan… It is a personal choice I made, so it is not really an issue.

Just have your reminders/triggers

I just think we all have our reasons for being vegan.  When there is a situation where you may have to compromise or use it as an excuse it always helps to remind yourself why you are doing it.  After that, it is actually really easy to make the most compassionate choice.  Once you have decided what your reasons are for doing it, it is really easy to be vegan.  You just need to find your reminders/motivation.

What do you use to remind/motivate you when you are in potentially compromising situations?


2 Responses to Being vegan – What motivates/drives you to do the right thing

  1. Ally says:

    Emma and Jake are adorable! I was recently saying to my husband that I rarely see golden Cocker Spaniels these days (I live in Australia). They seemed to be around more when I was a kid. I had a soft toy golden Cocker Spaniel called Goldie. 🙂
    A great post! I have been a vegan for 17 years so it is just second nature to me now, but in the early days I would remind myself of the suffering that animals endure for humans, and how I didn’t want to be a part of that. I also read a lot of vegan and animal rights books.

    • We were so lucky to get these to magnificent puppies. When we bought our house, we decided to get 2 rescue dogs and these to lovely fluffy babies where the first ones that we found that needed a home. We were the lucky ones.

      I agree that reading some literature definitely helps make up your mind what to do. I found that Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and Food Revolution by John Robbins really brought the harsh reality of the way animals are treated to me.

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